What a shame!

Posted 22 April 07 under Temples.

2nd day of Tattamangalam Kizhakkethara Vishuvela forced to conduct under Police protection because of the vandalism shown by some anti social elements from Padinjare thara. On the first day, some unscrupulous elements from Padinjare thara attacked people of Kizhakkethara and the vele committee forced to call the Police to maintain law & order.

It has been the same trend here in Tattamangalam for the past several years. No one can conduct a general entertainment programs such as an Orchestra, or anything which attracts people from all sect of the society, this group of 6 or 7 people behaving like 'Gundas' will spoil the party, that's for sure.

Because of this reason, temple organizing committees are shying away from such programs and limiting the program to just a 'Bhakthi Ganamela' or something less colourful.

Yesterday there was another bad incident at Mannathukavu: As a part of Prathishta dhinam, a speech of Dr.Gopalakrishnan - Indian institute of Scientific Heritage Center - was scheduled. But the above said anti social elements try to prevent the function from taking place by removing the lights and public announcing systems from the temple premises. A group of drunken men entered the temple and performed this unholy act. Earlier a prominent political party threatened the temple committee to stay away from this speech of Dr.Gopalakrishnan. Only they knows why? India is a country where there is freedom of speech, so why this kind of activities are getting Political support ? Why should Political parties should intervene in the activities of Temples. Why dont these parties are not intervening in the activities of, say a mosque or church ? This is a clear case of wooing the minorities- that's for sure.

For centuries, temples has been the center of all activities - both cultural and spiritual activities - in our society. For the past few years Tattamangalam is facing the above mentioned kind of bad activities. This is due to lack of good leadership - that's what I feel. In earlier times there were some strong leaders in our society who will manage these events fantastically with out any major problems. Another reason is "unlimited" use of alcohol in all functions, no matter the function is related to a temple where poojas are performed in "uthamam" or "adhamam" .

Let me End this bla bla from me by this news: Padinjare Grama Samajam has imposed a ban on all Hindu priests from Tattamangalam Gramam to perform poojas in temples other than their own. So for some weeks no Hindu priests are willing to conduct poojas in Sri Kurmbakavu and other temples out side the agraharams I think it is time to go back to the old days, where the poojas at the every community's temple were performed by a person beloging to the same community / society.
Why should we depend Brahmins to perform poojas in our own temple?

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