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Street Views – Part 1

Street view – Tattamangalam Thumbichira,Mannathukavu,Sree Kurumbakavu, Parakkat Lane, Neelikkad, Mettupalayam,Chittur Puzha Bridge,Chittur College,Chittur Ambattupalayam,Chittur Boys High School,Chittur Anikode, Post office /Library Junction.

More videos can be found at this mobile blog

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5 thoughts on “Street Views – Part 1”

  1. Excellent,

    Chittor people also must do their video and insert here for whole chittur town and surrounding and streets.

    I have a good family relation with Melathil Veetil, Seetha Laxmi Amma, her son Rajat Kumar & daughter Ranjini

    This is a comment from Bindu, Dubai

    Best wishes for all chittur personnel.


  2. Hi Prasanth,

    I request you to add the posts of the upcoming festivals in our native.By seeing the photos of temples, bazaar etc.. iam floating in a nostalgic mood. Expecting more photos.

    With regards,

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