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Finally, the long-awaited monsoon has arrived in Tattamangalam! 🌧️ But…….

Kerala south west monsoon 2023

🌧️ Finally, the long-awaited monsoon has arrived in Tattamangalam! 🌧️ But alas, there is something missing from this picturesque scene – the clouds. ☁️ It seems like they’ve been playing hide-and-seek with us, teasing us with their sporadic appearances. We’ve been eagerly anticipating the heavy rains that this season promises, but it seems that nature has different plans in store for us. 🌩️

As we gaze up at the sky, we can’t help but wonder where the billowing masses of gray have gone. The sky, normally adorned with fluffy clusters, is unusually clear. The absence of clouds is like a canvas awaiting its artist’s touch, yearning for the masterpiece that is a downpour of rain. 💧

Oh, how we long for those rain-filled clouds that bring respite from the scorching sun! The anticipation of that refreshing rainfall, drenching our surroundings and bringing life back to the parched earth, is palpable. We yearn for the rhythmic pitter-patter of raindrops, as they create a symphony of their own upon our rooftops. ⛈️

While we appreciate the calmness and tranquility that a clear sky offers, our hearts are set on witnessing the magnificence of a monsoon storm. We long to see the clouds billow and darken, casting their shadow over our beloved Tattamangalam. The petrichor that follows the rain, that earthy aroma that fills the air, is a missing piece in our lives at the moment. 🌿

Nevertheless, we hold onto hope, for nature has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. Perhaps, just around the corner, those elusive clouds will gather and unleash their watery torrents upon us. Until then, we’ll cherish the blue expanse above and patiently wait for the clouds to gather, bringing with them the long-awaited heavy rains we crave. 🙏🏽💙

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Watch this time-lapse video captured today – 26th June 2023

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