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Truck Accident at Mannathukavu

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Accident‬ near ‪Tattamangalam‬ Mannathukavu highschool . A loaded Vehicle fell inside irrigation canal as slab collapsed due to the weight of the Truck. Photos by Naveen & Mujeeb. Location map of the accident. Truck Related Images:

Tattamangalam Street View Videos

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The above video is a combination of 5 different videos. Individual videos are available using the below links ( from Thachankonam to Tattamangalan Angadi ) ( From Tattamangalam Thachankonam Kalam, going through Kammanthara, Mannathukavu, Kakkurussi Appan Temple, Cheermbakavu, and finished Near Dr.Madhavanunni’s Clinic. ) ( Tattamangalam Angadi — Sree Kurumba kavu — Sivan Kovil — East Village — Perum kulam– West Village– Single street —… Read More »Tattamangalam Street View Videos