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Land for sale in Navukode

Location : Navukode, Tattamangalam (Can see the property from behind SM High School) a) Area : 12.1 Cents of Plot (Ideal for Building a Beautiful House) Janmam: Parambu. (Adjacent to Mr.Canute’s House). b) Area : 33.5 Cents of Parambu ideal for developing a Residential Colony (Behind & adjacent to Mr.Vijayan’s House) Google Maps Links For more details contact the owner of the Land Mr. Madhu… Read More »Land for sale in Navukode

House for sale in east village tattamangalam

House for sale in East Village

House for sale in East Village. More details about the house and contact information are here Related posts: Land and house for sale Land for sale in Navukode Chittur – Housing plots for sale Kerala Guidelines for Sale of Alcoholic Beverages