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Why is Palakkad called Palghat? #Kerala #Palghat #Palakkad

Why is Palakkad called Palghat?

Palakkad, a city located in the southern Indian state of Kerala, is also commonly known as Palghat. The name “Palghat” is an anglicized version of the local name “Palakkad,” which was used during the British rule in India.

The British often anglicized Indian place names to make them easier to pronounce and spell, following their phonetic understanding of the native terms. After India’s independence, many of these anglicized names were changed back to their original versions or local dialect forms. In this case, “Palghat” was officially renamed back to “Palakkad”.

Both names are used interchangeably today, though “Palakkad” is the official name. The district and city are known for their historical significance and natural beauty, including the Palakkad Fort and the Malampuzha Dam and Garden.

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