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Snake rescued

1.25 meters long Viper snake was rescued by WPSI from Mr.Krishna kumar’s house at Panamkavu, near Pattancheri. The snake was found in an abandoned gobar gas tank of about 12 feet depth.

As soon as Mr.Guruvayurappan ( WPSI South India Project Co-ordinator ) got the information, he informed the local forest officials, but, they failed respond in a timely manner and the snake – trapped inside the tank for the last two days – was very weak.

Mr.Guruvayurappan acted promptely and he moved the snake successfully to a more friedly environment – at the banks of Sokanasini River – away from any residential areas.

The Viperidae are a family of venomous snakes found all over the world. This snake is a nightmare. Its venom kills in minutes.

Photograhs by Manoj, Neelikkad, Tattamangalam.

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